Saturday, May 02, 2009

Exhaustion Battling The Monster

Have you ever battled a huge monster? You know what I'm talking about? The nasty, fierce kind of creature you look up at and shudder with fear in your inner most being? The campaign to battle the monster is long and full of sacrifice. You gain some ground some days and you lose some ground on other days. Then there are the evil people who sent the monster. They have their own agenda for unleashing this terror upon you.

I have been preparing for this campaign since November. And this past week was the showdown with the "monster." My monster is the project I have going on at work. It kicked off in November and it has been a nonstop roller coaster. It is without a doubt, the most complex thing I have ever worked on. I'm still wondering how I drew the short straw on this one. I admit I do have Superman syndrome, where I like to be the hero with the red cape flowing in the wind, but I have been pushing it all week long. I've been pulling 12 hour days for the past 4 days, I was in today, and I have to go in tomorrow. I keep thinking about that 5 For Fighting song, it's not easy...

And the other thing is the client. They are without a doubt the most difficult, demanding, inflexible, unreasonable, and finger pointing individuals I have ever worked with. I try to always stay professional, but I really do not like them at all. They want everything and they want to pay nothing and do nothing for it. Oh, did I also mention they want it to be 100% perfect. Most of my co-workers cave to them and are afraid of them. Sorry, I do not play that game. I believe in equality in business partnerships and that clients need to give a bit to get a bit. It makes it difficult, and I would rather not deal with them at all truth be told. But as with anything I give it everything I have. And this project has taken everything I've got. I just hope it is enough.

I have 2 more things to do and I can put this "monster" down. Unfortunately, "monster-2" is only three weeks away. Yes they have two monsters. If you want a rubber Japanese monster analogy, it's like fighting Rodan this week and Godzilla three weeks later. And the next one is worse than the current monster I am battling. But I have two weeks to recoup and regroup. I also have some "lessons learned" I can apply, so like every good hero I learn, adapt, and throw care to the wind and head into battle.

I will not be defeated. I will prevail. I will fight and I will win. Yeah, I need some sleep in the worst way...