Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Update

Been away from the "Blog-isphere" for a while! Not sure why, but I have not felt the desire to post anything. So let's see what's new?

I have been taking a graduate law class. It has been interesting and a bit depressing at the same time. Let me explain. I like the foundations of what our society is built on. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights with all the other foundational ideals the USA is dependent on for the civilized and good life which we all enjoy is fundamental to everything, but this class is making me question where we are today. My fear is that we have become a society of as long as the laws do not affect us directly, it does not matter. We go along happy and content, because ignorance is bliss. But I think it does matter. Each of us has the responsibility to voice our views, stand up for what is right, and not take the side lines on issues or be afraid of what others think of us because of those views. Our responsibility to society does not end at the ballot box. Because if you knew all the crazy laws that get passed on both the State and Federal levels and why, it would make your head turn! Thomas Jefferson once said, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance," and I do not think he meant vigilance to apply to only outside countries, but to also inside the USA itself.

Quite a bit to chew on is it not? So let me digress to things more JP worthy...

Sharkey has been traveling quite a bit. It's been just me and the Mags, who lately I have labeled "Mooch-opotamus." I have been the bachelor, watching all the DVD's as loud as I want, whenever I want, playing Guitar Hero (VERY LOUD!), golfing and doing all those things I cannot do when Sharkey is home. I am such the rebel! All I need to do is put on my white dress shirt w/ no pants, white socks and slide across the wood floor w/ my sunglasses on. =)

We are headed West soon to visit Sharkey's family and do another road trip. Maggie will be with us too. It's the quintessential family trip.

My 40th B-Day is fast approaching and my 30's are quickly coming to an end, so I have made preparations to head to the place where all life changes must take place. You know where I am talking about. It's Magical after all... More to come on that. That's about all for now. JP out...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009