Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot...

It's hot in PA. Really hot. You know how they say we are 80-90% water. I think after being outside for a few minutes we become 50-60%. Yep hot. Ass kicking, bat you in the crotch hot. It's been mid 90's with really high humidity in Southeastern Pennsylvania for the past 2 days. And the sad part is, even when the sun goes down it's still like 84 degrees outside.

I went to the driving range tonight to hit a few and as I was standing on the grass tee box I heard a rumble and I turned around and saw a pretty nasty, dark cloud coming in fast. I picked up my stuff and headed into the covered area of where I go hit. There's just something about a thunder storm with lightning strikes that does not mix too well when you are packing 14 metallic clubs on your back and holding a piece of metal that is akin to a lightning rod. And I love me some golf, but not enough to mess with the acts of God outside.

So no sooner I get under cover that it starts coming down in buckets. And the lightning is flashing, and the wind is gusting. It was like a scene from the perfect storm. I was pretty happy at that point to be under cover.

This weekend we are meeting Sharkey's sister Character Builder and her family in the District of Columbia. I took off Mon&Tue to hang with the family. Good thing for me I negotiated that time off before I started the new gig. And fortunately the weather should be pretty nice by then. Mid 80's and sunny. Because let's face it folks, nothing says "fun" like walking about the capitol when it's unbearably hot with young kids!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Routine

So now that I have to commute to work every morning like 90% of all Americans I have had to change my daily/nightly habits a bit. Before, since I could roll out of bed at 8:25AM and then take a one minute commute in my PJ's and bunny slippers to my office to work there really was no need to do anything the night before but stay up until 1:00am. Now things are way different. I'm getting back into the swing of things, so I have had to change my routine a bit. Now I'd say I'm dead asleep by 11:45pm, and like the boy scout I am, I make sure the clothes I need for the next day are washed and pressed and ready to go.

So it's up at 7:00AM and a quick 15 minute shave, constructive "product" placing in the hair, and brushing of the teeth. Then I grab something to eat, kiss Sharkey good bye. and out the door by 7:45AM I go with my thermal mug filled with coffee, cream and 2 sugars. The drive isn't too bad. I'm estimating it takes 35 minutes in the morning and 35 minutes in the afternoon for me to drive back and forth to work. Here's the JP before and after shot:


As sad as this sounds, I enjoy actually running out the door to go to work. Having worked totally virtual for the past 3 years, it actually feels like I'm a "grown up" going to a real job. Now I know that I did have a real job before, but there's just something that changes when you have to get up, get dressed, and I mean "dressed" and run out the door. I expect this perception to wear off eventually, but for now I'm enjoying it and it is an unexpected benefit. I think the self esteem took a little boost with the job change. I think a big part of that feeling is that I'm going to be really challenged in this new position and it's going to require me to work to be "The Man" again. And I'm pretty pumped to prove myself and to see how much I can learn/do. And I have no misconceptions on what I need to learn. There's a totally new business, with a new corporate language and tons of acronyms I need to become familiar with. So they say in 9 months the light will go on in my head and I'll just get it all of a sudden. I'm hoping to do it in 6 or less! We will see!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

2 Weeks Are Up... Back to work!

It has been quite a while since I posted. Things have been quite busy and ever changing with me lately. I finished my job on June 1st. I set my computer to self destruct and handed it back to corporate IT. It felt good and like a big huge weight fell from my shoulders. I got that monkey off my back and not a minute too soon trust me! I shook the dirt off my shoes and I have not looked back yet!

Last week Sharkey and I took a short trip to Orlando. Specifically Disney World. Yes, JP loves Disney and all life changes happen at Disney (pssst..if you did not know, Sharkey and I got engaged at Disney), because it is where Magic Lives. Just ask them. Also, let's face it, when you drop the amount of money it requires to stay on Disney Property with park tickets and dining plan something magical better damn well happen! But still it was a lot of fun, we got a free room upgrade, had awesome food, lots of laughs and oddly enough, rumor has it that Character Builder's family is thinking of doing Disney in 2008? Do I hear BACK TO BACK DISNEY?!? =)

This week Sharkey and I took a road trip to Pittsburgh to attend the 1st round of the U.S. Open. The drive took about 4 hours, the hotel in Pittsburgh, the Holiday Inn Select at the University is surprisingly very nice. It's been just remodeled and the bed is pretty comfy. It is going to feel absolutely wonderful tonight! Here's the pass I had attached to my shirt for the entire day:

US Open Pass

The day was absolutely perfect. No humidity, high 70's and perfect. The only drawback was we had to get up around 5AM. There were gobs and gobs of people there today too, even at 6AM in the morning, which was the time we made it to the US Open parking lot. It was interesting seeing who attends Professional Golf Tournaments. Mostly middle aged cigar smoking, beer drinking men. Sharkey was in the minority. And I caught a few of those bastards looking her up and down, but what the hey it made me feel good! =) It was equally fun watching the professionals hack it around at Oakmont Country Club. Now you know JP is an avid golfer and I have my ups and downs on the course like everyone else, but I never saw the pro's have similar issues to me. Granted, the course they played on today is infinitely harder than the ones I play, but it still shows hey they really are human. I found it funny that most of them look like guys I run into on the course every day. I also learned some great tips watching the pros that I plan to inject into my game.

So Monday play time is over and I start my new job! I'm pretty excited. I cannot wait to start a new gig and being the "new guy." I have one and a half days of corporate orientation, then get to meet my new team and start doing that thing that I do. New challenges, new opportunities, and a totally different industry. All I have to say for now is LIFE IS GOOD!!!!