Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Things

4 Hour Woody, Seek Medical Attention

So you know those erectile dysfunction commercials on the tube? Am I the only one who finds....."For erections lasting more than 4 hours please contact a physician..." hysterically funny???? I mean don't you think you would be concerned after say....1 hour, possibly 2 hours.... "Uh, oh something's over man....not good....not good..." I guess they have to give guys a time limit, so they do not over look the happenings south of the border, with the tent pitching and all.

Why Are Bad Things So Darn Tasty...

Sharkey was gone for a photo seminar in Utah over the weekend, so again I played the bachelor card. I played golf Thursday and decided to stop at Wegman's to get an apple Kuchen for breakfast Friday. The Kuchen is essentially a 6"x14" apple danish:

Apple Kuchen

Sure 1/8 of this thing is 180 calories, but it is just to die for.

Turning 40!?!

29 more days until the big "four-ooooooohhhhh" Unreal that I have been on this big blue marble for that many years. In a lot of ways it is very surreal. Sharkey and I will be heading to Orlando to celebrate, barring any natural singularly named weather disturbances forming in the Caribbean or Gulf, but even if that should happen I purchased "vacay" insurance so all is not lost. We are staying at the house of the Mouse. I was wondering if their recent acquiring of Marvel means they'll really put the screws to Universal Studio Parks telling them that Spiderman, the Hulk, Fantastic 4, Iron Man, and X Men are all Disney owned and they'll need to cease using their likenesses on their rides. Hey it could happen. It also begs the question how those characters will be used in the future by M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.

I had thought about spending this birthday in some other place that Sharkey and I had never been to together (like...Scottsdale/AZ, Bend/OR, Napa Valley/CA) but it came back to Disney. Not sure, but I think the Asian gene kicks in for the special place. There are a few reasons I think for choosing the destination. Disney is one of those companies I do not mind giving money to. I think you really do get what you pay for. But I think what clenched it was what was going on at EPCOT the week of my birthday. The Food and Wine festival is kicking off during that week, so you can sip different wines all around the world showcase and sample different foods. And one of the cooler things (well I think it is cool anyway) is that Richard Marx and Starship will be performing concerts while we are there. We are children of the 80's after all:

I was telling Sharkey one of my great ideas is that we should have an 80's party at our house. I'm thinking we have enough friends our age that we could pull it off. I think I could maybe dig up some period clothing and spike the hair for a night. Lord knows I have all the 80's music to partaaaayyyy.....

itunes 80 music

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Login and Second Chances


I just returned from a trip out to the Midwest. It was nice to see Sharkey's family and spend some time with Character Builder's kids. The nieces like to play with my MacBook while we are there because they like the Photo Booth application. Photo Booth allows you to take and distort your picture with the Macbook's built in webcam. It is pretty good fun too! For Sharkey's 5 year cancer free party we setup the MacBook at the party and let the attendees take their pictures. It is pretty hysterical. So I arrived home and booted up my MacBook the other night. I have password protection set, so I need to enter the almighty password in order to start up my MacBook. Much to my surprise, my administrator icon was changed. See my administrator icon was set to Maggie:


Now when I log in, this is what I see:


Now I am not sure if Catherine (AKA Cath-O-Winn) did this on purpose or by accident somehow. But I thought it was funny that her distorted mug greets me when I boot up. I think I'll probably keep it for now, sorry Mags!

Second Chances...

The Philadelphia Eagles just gave me another reason to not be a fan, they signed Michael Vick. This is somewhat controversial in Philly. I know people for his playing think he paid his debt to society, he shows remorse, and can be a positive role model to show how someone can comeback from the brink and succeed. I do not totally agree with all of that. I do agree he paid for breaking the law and served his time, so he owes nothing there. But I do not agree with his reinstatement to the NFL. I would argue that if he did not get caught, he would still be running a dog fighting ring. But beyond the "what if's" my main reasons for him to not be reinstated by the NFL are because of what he contributed to and what his reinstatement says to the public and other players. Vick took part in twisting and destroying innocent life. People may disagree with me on this point, because it depends on how you view dogs, but to me dogs are innocent, just like human babies, and their temperament and disposition are totally influenced by man; and the twisting and training of these animals to fight each other to the death is despicable. Additionally, the way Vick inhumanely ended their lives is BEYOND reproach. I feel very strongly about this point. Even if you made the philosophical argument that dogs have no souls, and therefore do not matter in the big picture, no sentient form of life deserves the end Vick determined for eight of the canines. I would argue this act alone disqualifies him to be on the center stage and an example of professional sports excellence. Secondly, the NFL reinstating him sends the message to everyone (i.e. adults, kids, other pro athletes) that you can take part in violent, cruel, and inhumane acts and still play professional sports and still make millions of dollars. I think the NFL would have been better served by maintaining the ban on him playing and making his case the example of what the consequences are for abusing your rewards for playing in the NFL. Just like punitive damages are awarded in legal cases to deter illegal behavior, the NFL could have done the same and sent that message. NFL players are compared to warriors battling on the field for the win. Warriors battle with honor. There is absolutely no honor in any of this.