Sunday, April 19, 2009


I played my first 18 hole round yesterday. Yes I "was" still in the western suburbs of Shanksville. But I did have some shots of brilliance, so I feel like I'm slowly moving out of Shanksville. It is a work in progress. That's just how golf is.

Yesterday was beautiful. It was a perfect day. One of the best things about playing golf is walking the course and just being outside. I think that's the most relaxing thing about it. So even though I was not at mid-season form, I was still having a great time, until...

We crossed the 8th hole and went to the 9th. It was at that time an "older" guy and his group on the #7 hole told my group we needed to pick it up and that we were holding everyone up on the course. My reaction was one of absolute surprise and disbelief. He totally caught me off guard. I said to him, "Are you serious?" He was. He kept saying "You are holding everyone up, and you need to speed up" and was saying it pretty angrily. Now, yesterday being the perfect day it was, meant the course was crowded more than usual. I was playing with my partner and we were practicing for our upcoming Thursday league. We were paired up with two other guys who do not play all that much and they were a bit slow, but they were in a golf cart and were keeping up OK. And we were always on the tee box when the group in front of us were on the green, so we were moving along just fine.

So after Mr. Crabbypants and his foursome yelled at us I just could not let it go. I was ticked off. I mean I was really angry. You need to realize that it takes a LOT for me to get to that point because I am pretty even keel all the time and I hardly ever lose it. I'm still a little hot thinking about it while I'm writing this post. I think I was/am mad because he treated us like we were all hacks who did not know what we were doing and was extremely rude. He and his ignorant friends talked down to us like they were better than us. I think I handled the situation fine by shaking my head, laughing at him, walking away and not saying anything else, but I am rethinking that I should have told him to shove his driver where the sun doesn't shine instead of silently dissenting (which is what my parents programmed into us growing up; you know, Japanese Americans are the strong/silent people). I also think I was miffed because it was a gorgeous day. It was one of those "great to be alive in God's world" days, and this hockey puck, jerkstore just ruined it for me.

I suppose I could have kicked him in the throat, and then broken all his golf clubs and walked away. But I will let karma do its thing. Still, I hope he drove at least a dozen of his ProV1's into the lake or the woods and had the worst scoring day ever. Yeah, I know, I know, "vengeance is mine says the Lord"

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I entered the town of "Shanksville" recently. It is a very crappy, sucky town. It has no paved streets, no tall buildings, no lights, no bright colors, everyday is rainy with high winds, and everyday you spend there feels most unnatural. I think the population is large but I can only perceive my presence in the town, so it feels really like a population of one. Me. Or that's how it feels anyway. You do not enter "Shanksville" by choice. It is not a desirable destination to get to. And it is almost impossible to leave "Shanksville" no matter how much you want to.

The "shank" is one of those goofy things that happens totally out of the blue. There is no rhyme, no reason, it is tough to figure out. And it looks something like this:

Yes, this is another JP golf post.

I have a flaw in my swing. It causes the ball to shoot off to the right. No distance, totally off line, and it feels like my arms want to shake off my body when I hit the ball. And the most annoying part of it all is it is very, very repeatable. I cannot stop from doing it. It sucks rocks! I am just hoping I can figure something out so I can leave the awful town of "Shanksville"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

Sharkey and I recently returned from 10 days of "vacation-y" bliss. We did the old fashioned drive and see the country trip. We got in the car, I put on my iTunes Playlist entitled "70's Leaning on the Backseat" and we were off to the south serenaded by some retro driving music:

We made stops in Reston (Virginia), Raleigh (North Carolina), Hilton Head Island (South Carolina), Savannah (Georgia), and St. Augustine (Florida) before reaching our final destination, Clearwater (Florida).

Here are some photo snippets of some of the things we did and saw:

Hilton Head:

This is the first Original Pancake House I have seen since I lived in Bend, Oregon. They have super yummy food. So we went there for breakfast. If you never tried one and have one nearby, go for it. I highly recommend it.

The Original Pancake House

St. Augustine:

St. Augustine Cross


Our main destination was to see the Phillies play a preseason game in Clearwater. We watched them trounce the Houston Astros 13-3. It was awesome!




We had breakfast at the same place the Phillies get their food from the next morning, Lenny's:

Lenny's, Clearwater


For her birthday, Sharkey wanted to indoor skydive. I am typically up for anything, but I had to overcome a bit to get myself to do it. Especially after seeing the warning sign on the 2nd floor:


Riiight.... I have dislocated my right shoulder 3x and had a titanium/stainless steel screw inserted into it to keep it from going out. So this sign really did apply to me. But I felt like I'd regret it if I didn't try, and hey getting injured while indoor sky diving is "manly" high testosterone acceptable, so I did it. It was a blast...

I Believe I Can Fly

Afterward we went to Downtown Disney for a lovely dinner at McDonald's and had one of these babies for dessert at Girardelli's Ice Cream Shoppe:

Girardelli Hot Fudge Sundae

We went to Disney Hollywood studios the 2nd day we were in Orlando. We went there 45 minutes before the park opened so we could be the first in line for the new ride, Toy Story: Midway Mania.

Toy Story Mania

This is the reason for 6am wakeup!

We were able to ride it 3x for the day. It was great!!

JP vs. Sharkey

Hollywood Studios was very relaxing and we had an afternoon cupcake / rice krispy treat break, which produced this euphoric look on my wife's face:

Sharkey post Rice Krispy Treat

We both shared sort of the same look. And while we did a lot of driving and had a lot of stops, it was a great trip!