Monday, July 23, 2007

Wanted Mickey Hat & Callaway Sunglasses

All this week Sharkey and I are basking in the sun on the North Carolia coast. Today was beach day#1. I was just making my way out into the ocean and walkin through the waves. The first wave hits and I figured no problem. The second wave hits and I lose my Mickey Mouse hat. No problem. I just reach forward, grab it , and put it on my head. See that's where I "should have" learned a valuable lesson. So the third wave hits, which was about 2-3x larger than the first two and off go the hat and off go the Callaway sunglasses. The hat I can do without, but the sunglasses, well, it still tears me up a bit to know they are floating away in the Atlantic somewhere. So I'm off to comb the local golf/surf shops for some new specs. Because as we know JP does not skimp on the eyes or the feet!! Sharkey is rolling her eyes, but she understands and accepts my quirks!! So if you see a red Mickey Hat w/ a Mickey Golf Pin attached to it and a tortise pair of Callaway specs, drop me a line would ya?? ;)


Monday, July 16, 2007

A Day In the Life of JP

Sharkey is off traveling so I'm back to doing my own thing for a few days. My first order of business, the Transformers movie:

The movie was awesome!! There was a lot of action, decent dialog and Autobots and Decepticons!!! Yeah I know it's a geeky thing, but I'm Japanese. I appreciate gigantic robots that can turn into cars and airplanes. It's "my people's" culture and my genes cry out to me so I try to "represent" when I can!! Optimus Prime RULES!!!!

On another note, since Sharkey has taken over the household camera equipment and MacBook, I thought I'd take back something for myself so I ordered my own camera yesterday. It's a Canon Powershot A550.

It's perfect for me. You point it, it autofocuses you press the little button. 7.2 Megapixels baby!! F-Stop who?? Exposure what?? Nah all I need is to point it, center the image, then BAM!! Done. It's all I need for my BLOG and for my eBay sales. And Sharkey Honey this camera is mine. Hands off!! See Sharkey says I can use the Nikon D70 whenever I want, but truth is when I turn the thing on she has changed the settings on it so much I'm like a caveman trying to create fire when I try to take a picture with it. "ME NOT ABLE TAKE PICTURE...UGG.."

Finally, I discovered another "gift" or "talent" that I have. I have realized recently that I pretty much ALWAYS choose the wrong side of all automatic doors I walk up to. Here's a picture to explain my latent ability:


You think I'd get frustrated by this? Oh no, pretty much now when it happens I just laugh. The other day, Sharkey noticed I had this problem with doors and just laughed at me. If that ain't love what is??

JP out...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

How's Work You Ask?

So I'm in week 3 of JP's new gig. I am still in training. My new employer has a pretty sweet "break in" period for new employees. So I started mid June, but I won't get my first project assignment until late August mid September. One of the biggest things I have to get used to is going in and seeing happy people. I am just totally not used to that. Needless to say though it is a refreshing change.

I was in a new hire class today with 15 other "new" employees. The thing is the new company I work for pretty much does not typically hire outsiders like me I found out recently (which makes JP feel pretty good about himself for now [wink]...[wink]...), but hires a lot of college graduates. So as you can expect, I was the only guy in my class who was not fresh out of college. I was also the only representative from my department in the class as well.

So being the only person from my department, the class instructor asked me to tell everyone what my department does, what the projects we do look like, and how my role fits in with their role. So at first I was like, "Um, Dude, I've only worked here for like 7 days, are you kidding me!!??" But that would be unlike me, so I stepped up and I actually was able to adequately describe what my department does, using the corporate "lingo" I've been trying to master since day 1, and relate how my role impacts what they'll be doing.

So things are going well. I'm feeling like I am starting to "get it," and I really am looking forward to my first assignment... "JP should you choose to accept it...this BLOG will self destruct in 10 seconds....."

Running for the Hills!!

So I am a golfer. Big surprise, right? Everyone who knows anything about me knows I love being out there hitting the little white ball around. I play in a league and I play every Thursday after work. Today was one of those "iffy" weather type of day. Mid 80's, about 90% humidity and severe warnings in place for pop up thunderstorms. So I'm out there in a match with a guy who is way better than I am, and I'm actually doing pretty well. I was up 2-0 on him in the match with 6 holes to play. Well that's when the bolt of lightning hit the fairway next to us, the thunder sounded immediately, and then the heavens opened up and dumped all of the water equivalent to the Atlantic ocean on us. I was packing my 40" umbrella which I immediately opened up, but once I see lightning, especially where it came down, I beat feet back to the clubhouse. I looked like this.


That's pretty scary. Like mortal danger, fear scary. Now being the math guy I am I know the chances of getting struck by lightning is equivalent to winning the lottery, but still I tend to have that kind of luck, so I just keep trucking and don't look back.

So the match was called, and I went home drenched from head to toe. I walked into the house and peeled off my sopping wet clothes next to the washing machine and I left water marks on the floor as I went upstairs to get dry clothes. I toweled off my bag, shoes and clubs when I got home.