Saturday, April 30, 2011

What is wrong with "Truth, Justice, and the American Way...."???

This past week something historic happened.  I am not talking about Will and Kate getting married.  Although, yeah it was historic and the hats were just spectacular....   But I digress...  Political correctness changed the DC Universe.  Not that you know or may even care, but if you've read my stuff before you know I am a HUGE fan of Superman.  He is my hero.  Always has been, always will be.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need heroes in this world.  They give us something to try to strive for.  They provide a compass for right vs. wrong.  They fight for people who cannot fight for themselves.  Heroes are necessary.  The world needs heroes.  Superman is an American icon and has been largely integrated into our culture.  Case in point, you cannot go to any mall without seeing the "S" in various clothing stores, on hats, in print at book stores, in music lyrics, on cups, etc.  The "S" is recognizable everywhere and I think around the world in the same manner that Mickey Mouse is recognized, Superman is also well known.  But this week, the writers at DC decided Superman renounce his US Citizenship:

NY Times: Superman Renounces his U.S. Citizenship

And so I ask the question.  Why????  I get he is a fictional character, but I just feel that this is pure and total crap!  I sort of saw it coming with the last Superman movie that came out, when they said, "Does he still stand for truth, justice, and all that other stuff?"  "All that other stuff?"  seriously???  The reason it bothers me is that it seems to say there's something wrong with being an American and identifying with the USA.  The writers try to spin it that Superman's actions are not an off branch of U.S. policy, but encompass a broader purpose.  Well, I would argue that you can still be a hero, still be American, and still have a broader purpose.     One thing does not preclude the other.  I think in the name of political correctness and not wanting to offend anyone, DC took their most recognized, most iconic character and made him the opposite of what he's always stood for.  The stupid thing is, they never even had to take this story line.  And the story line makes no sense.  Why would a farm boy from Kansas renounce his citizenship (keeping in mind Superman was raised in Smallville on a farm)?  It's absurd.  From Superman #24, association with the USA was pretty.....  apparent....


Comics allow an escape into a world where you could imagine, dream and be inspired.  Now DC made this twist to make a statement.   And as for me I think their statement sucks! 


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