Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vegas Baby!

Went to Vegas today with Sharkey.  She is working and I am PLAYING!  Going to take in some sun, hang by the pool at the Bellagio and play some golf.  It is about 3:00pm in Vegas and I am sitting in my cool hotel room typing this blog out and it is about 106 degrees outside.  Sharkey and I went down and sat by the pool, went into the water to cool off and then came back up to our room to get cleaned up:

Our room overlooks the pools at the Bellagio and I can see the people baking themselves down there still....No thank you! 

I am playing golf at Bali Hai tomorrow and Royal Links on Monday.  Looking forward to both.  I brought my own sticks and rented a car, so I don't have to pay an arm and a leg in cab fees.  I almost had a hole in one playing in my golf league back home this past Thursday.  Missed it by a foot!!  So close....

I know Las Vegas incredibly well.  Sharkey and I met here some 16 years ago.  She was a showgirl, I was a high roller....  <LOL NOT!!!!!>  The true story was she was doing some stand up training in software and I was sitting in back of the room making sure she was saying the right stuff.  I think that may be the last time I was able to correct her as the Subject Matter Expert.  How times have changed....  :)

I picked up the Mags ashes yesterday from the ER Vet's office.  Everything came rushing back when I waited for them to give her to me and I was only in the waiting room for 5 minutes.  Had a good cry on the way home.  I still miss the Mags very much.  But she is now finally home where she belongs. 

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